What's Cognitive Science?
Basically:  the study of the human mind. Cognitive theory draws upon many different disciplines (neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, anthropology,  philosophy, education, artificial intelligence, computer science, etc.). Its scope of research extends from brain structure and its chemistry to higher mental processes, such as those involved in what we know as perception, memory, emotion, and consciousness and language use. These processes are studied within the context of human interaction.

Find out more:

Visit Francis Steen's page to learn about the cognitive revolution.
You will be amazed by this excellent site and the many possibilities it offers.

The Brain Project
Stephen Jones' incredible page on the brain and consciousness. Eight chapters on neurophysiology, history, philosophy, quantum physics and other related topics. Plus lots of interesting pictures!

The Pre-History of Cognitive Science
Models of human cognition from the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries. An annotated bibliography featuring Berkeley, Burton, Hobbes, Locke and more. Of great interest for anyone doing research on these periods.

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